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A downloadable game for Windows

This game is made in 48 hours for a Game Maker's Toolkit Jam .

Controls - wasd for walking, space/RMB for jumping, e/LMB for holding a cube, ECS for exit.

What's the point.

*Potential Spoiler Alert* Since it is a puzzle game, you might  want to discover everthing. You have been warned.

In a normal state, player can go through blue platforms/walls and cubes can not. However when you pick a cube player can not go through blue platforms/walls but cubes can. There is 3 kindes of cubes. Small one player  can jump with and large/flat cubes player can't jump with but can stand on.


*Made by one person in 48 hours so expect some bugs and maybe unintended simple solution to a puzzle.

*I know that "Flat cube" does not exist. I don't care.

Install instructions

Extract zip file.

Use "The Cube Is A Button.exe" to run the game.


The Cube Is A (11 MB)

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